Improving seahorse survival rates in captivity

The rate of survival for newborn seahorses is extremely low, both in the wild and in captivity. At birth baby seahorses are around 1cm in length, roughly the size of an eyelash, so unsurprisingly they are incredibly fragile. This makes growing-up a difficult process to say the least.

Hippocampus Reidi originate from Northen African water but have been sighted around the UK. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Rachel Lambert-Forsyth, Head of Education at the Society of Biology, carried out  research at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth testing different feeding rituals on the H. Reidi species to see how, if at all, she could improve survival rates. Rachel spoke to Hannah from The Seahorse Project about the different feeding regimes, the problems she faced and the outcome of the study.


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