Welcome to The Seahorse Project

Hello and welcome to the official blog page for The Seahorse Project, a site dedicated to finding out the latest news and issues in the world of seahorses.

Image via weheartit.com

Around the UK, sea grass is disappearing more and more rapidly due to boats dropping their anchors, damaging the grass on the sea beds and, in turn, slowly destroying the homes of many of these tiny creatures. Seahorses are so small it is easy to overlook the problems surrounding them. But that is why this blog has been created.

It will be an area for news, discussion and opinion to try to help make a difference to the future of the seahorse. Any comments are welcome as they will help develop The Seahorse Project further and reach out to more people interested in and passionate about the subject, so please feel free to share your opinions.

As well as issues facing the species native to the UK, the Spiny Seahorse and the Short-Snouted Seahorse, this blog will explore and discover the many projects around the world that aim to make the future of the seahorse a longer one.

For news updates follow @seahorseproject on Twitter and Like us on Facebook

Thanks for reading,

Hannah, The Seahorse Project


One response to “Welcome to The Seahorse Project

  1. Our bigger ocean mammals get lots of love which is a wonderful thing but I’m glad there are people looking out for these fascinating little guys! It’s easy to overlook these beautiful animals because they are so small but no longer, right?! Thanks for the hard work!!

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